My visit to the Naturopath

Posted: October 24, 2012 in LCHF/Paleo

I have wanted to go see a Naturopath for years but never took the time to go. I was hoping it would confirm all my suspicions on food intolerance and maybe give me an idea on what else I should be looking at as a sensitivity. That’s pretty much what it did.

I was a skeptic when it comes to how they figure out what food you are sensitive to, I figured that they ask you tons of questions so they know ahead of the testing what you are sensitive to and put that on the results. Now I have to admit I did tell her a few of the foods I thought I had an intolerance to but not all of them. They all showed up on the test and a couple of surprises that totally make sense now that I think about it.

I looked up the testing method online and apparently it’s just as accurate as blood testing. I can’t see how they could fake it because it’s based on results on a meter. The meter reaches around 70 and you are good to go, if it goes to 40 or below then you’ve got problems with that particular food.

She starts with Meat Fruits, Fish, Eggs, veggies and works her way into Grains, sugars, Dairy, Beverages and Misc. I knew for a fact I would have trouble with grains. Wheat flour, Rye, Barley, Oatmeal and Baker’s Yeast all were around 30. Rice and Corn were both 40, Cola, Beer, Red and white wine were 30, MSG and Chocolate were 30, Sugar(refined) was 20 and Lactose was 30.

That pretty much sums up all the problems I’ve had. I had figured out the Gluten. The rice and corn I just recently cut out. I figured red wine bothered me because it always gave me a headache. I’ve avoided it and now it seems that white wine sometimes gives me a headache as well. The dark chocolate lately when I’ve eaten it, I’ve gotten a headache. Wasn’t sure if it was a coincidence or not, so I’ve avoided it. Now I know. The lactose I had an idea. I always buy lactose free milk because I was never 100% sure and it was just easier. The sugar I suspected bothered me too but had no idea I was that intolerant to it. The one I had no clue about was the MSG. I had problems with some foods but could never put a finger on why exactly they would upset my stomach. I never really researched MSG and had no clue what foods had MSG in it. Reading the list of foods, it makes sense. A lot of those foods I have noticed issues with.

I also had an organ assessment done. To make sure all my organs were functioning properly and didn’t have any inflammation. I was worried that I had problems maybe with my liver or kidneys after taking medication to cure infections. Some medicine just made things WAY worse. Since some LONG stints on various meds, I’ve had tons of other problems so I thought maybe it was an organ that was not working properly because of those drugs.

Thankfully all my organs are doing pretty good. The only problems that showed up was with my lower bowel (not a shocker when you eat foods that bother you) Lymphatic System again didn’t really shock me because I have felt off the past few weeks. My body is probably fighting off something. It is cold season after all. And my thyroid again didn’t surprise me.

Turns out though that I’m doing many things right, I have cut out a lot of foods that I had figured out bothered me already. She actually thought I had seen a naturopath before because I had gotten a bit figured out on my own. I have taken Probiotics, Cod Liver oil, Magnesium and Digestive enzymes to help heal my gut and get some minerals into my body that I know it needs. She boosted up my magnesium intake. Apparently everyone needs quite a bit of magnesium, she told me to take as much as my body can tolerate, obviously I wasn’t taking enough. Which is likely why I was having stiff/sore muscles all the time. She also put me on a Candida Purge to kill off bacteria in my body that is causing me other problems. Again made sense. I was actually going to talk to my doctor about that very thing at my next visit. Though I find doctors really don’t do much other than give you more medication, which is the cause of most of my problems. Everything else she kept the same.

All in all it was worth the visit to her. I think I was getting sick of trying to figure it all out. I was always left feeling like I was missing something. I still wasn’t feeling 100% even though I’m eating whole foods, I’ve cut out all processed foods, most sugars other than a bit of fruit and I’m still not feeling as good as I have in the past. All that’s left is to follow her directions and see how it helps. I have no doubt it will because she said exactly what I was suspecting all along. Problem is, it’s VERY restrictive to cut out all these things from my diet. Apparently I haven’t cut out enough and maybe indulge in sugar way too often. It is very addictive after all. It also is obvious I have a problem with Candida because when I cut out too much sugar I go into what they call a carb flu but is really a Candida Die Off. You basically feel awful and I just haven’t been able to do it. My headache is unbearable and I have very little energy, which with a 9 month old is really difficult to deal with. I just haven’t been able to make it past this Die Off.

Anyways the purge I’m doing will help with that, make it easier hopefully and I am hoping I will feel better soon so I can have my energy back and get more done in a day. Not feel like I need to sleep all the time. I’ll keep you posted on how I’m doing.

  1. chanal125 says:

    Hey Tiana, I’ve been thinking of going to a naturopath my self, where did you go?


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