Naturopath and Paleo Diet

Posted: October 27, 2012 in LCHF/Paleo
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So as you heard in my last post I paid a visit to the Naturopath earlier in the week. She put me on a very strict diet limiting me of all the foods I had an intolerance to, along with yeast free foods. She put me on a Candida Purge and upped my magnesium intake.

When I got home I looked over all the foods that I am supposed to avoid and it’s basically following a Paleo Diet. Before I was eating paleo but was still eating way too many fruits and foods with sugar such as bacon, tomato sauce that had a bit of sugar, I was still eating lots of cheese. The paleo diet you are eating very little fruit, mostly berries because they are lower in sugar, you don’t eat bacon or processed meats and you don’t eat dairy, so bye bye to butter, cheeses, cream.

What am I left with? Lots of veggies, meat, nuts/Seeds, Fats, coconut milk and the odd berry… Ok so this is very Paleo and I think what I was eating before was still very healthy but since I have an intolerance to sugar, MSG, Chocolate, Lactose, Gluten, Rice and Corn. I was still eating some foods that bothered me and didn’t know it.

How have I been doing? Well actually really well till yesterday when I made some cookies for my boyfriend and ate some cookie dough. Yeah I know, oops. But other than that I have done really well. And I have felt MUCH better, my energy is slowly coming back, my headaches are gone. The problem I’ve had though is that even though I was upping my magnesium intake every day, I was still having muscle cramps and achy muscles. I’m at my limit on how much magnesium a day I can take, so I looked up to see what else could be causing the cramps. I found that when you eat Paleo, very low carbs you lose a lot of nutrients from your body. It’s like a diuretic, you purge all the toxins out of the body along with nutrients. So you kind of have to add them back in. I know I’m eating very good but something I was missing that I didn’t realize was potassium.

I was drinking coconut water before and it has quite a bit of potassium, but I had stopped because it also has carbs and I’m trying to avoid sugar like the plague right now. I didn’t want to eat a banana because again it’s a fruit that’s higher in sugar. Right now I’m sticking to a glass of coconut water a day until my body is working better. I might have to find some supplements in the future but for now, it really helps. I was getting cramps in my legs before I even feel asleep last night so I drank some coconut water and they went away and I finally went to sleep.

Onward to more sugarless days(yes I’m addicted to the one food I’m most intolerant to). But you know what, we are all addicted to sugar, it’s not just me. Sugar (next to gluten) is the worst food you can consume because it feeds so many bad things in your body like bacteria, yeast, cancer. Seriously not worth eating.

Once I get more energy back I’ll start trying to get some exercise into my day. Up until the past few days I felt like napping ALL THE TIME. So now that it’s getting better I get WAY more done in the day. It’s kind of nice. Especially now that I know I’m going back to work in a few days, I’ll need all the extra time to do things in the day that I can get!


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