Update and Ebooks

Posted: October 31, 2012 in LCHF/Paleo

So just thought I’d come on and give you an update on how I’m doing in the past week since my Naturopath appointment.

I have seen so much of a difference in how I feel this week, it really is unbelievable. I’m sleeping better, I’m not as tired(my energy is going up every day) my skin is the clearest it has ever been.  Literally I haven’t EVER had such clear skin! Best of all I’m dropping almost a pound a day the past few days. I know that won’t last forever but it’s still nice to see. I’m down 5 lbs this past week. Considering the first few days doing this were rough and I ate some cookie dough(LOL) and a couple of cookies, (oops). The pounds actually have only come off the past couple days.

I’m hoping this means my body is adjusting to burning fat as energy(ketosis) and not the carbs. I’m really not eating much carbs at all so it is likely my body is making the switch over. I’ll be so happy to get back down to what I was even after the baby, which I was only up 5 lbs after have the baby. Then I started eating lots of carbs, gluten, sugar and bam in a couple of months I was up 20 lbs. Didn’t take long!

I would have thought that I’d hate eating NO CARBS at all but since I can eat lots of fat, the food I’m eating (VEGGIES, MEAT and FAT) are pretty tasty. I fried spinach the other day in some butter and garlic and ate it with my chicken and yum it was pretty good. I also made some soups(Spicy Pumpkin Soup) and (Creamy Tomato Soup) which are a nice break from the everyday salads.

I find it hard when I want to snack, cause who really wants to snack on veggies… but it’s something I’ll have to get use to. Right now, no carbs! This is probably going to last a long time and I’ll slowly start adding a bit of fruit back into my meals later down the road. I am talking some berries of , nothing too extreme. Once I start eating sugar again everyday the Candida (yeast) will start coming back and I’ll have to start all over again with that. It’s really just easier to stay away from large portions of sugar. Though I’m ok with the odd treat once in a while, I doubt it would hurt me doing it once in a while. That is in my future though, not the present. Right now, very little carbs!

I also would like to mention a sale on ebooks(not mine) but they are all fairly paleo/primal ebooks. I bought the bundle and you get over 30 ebooks for 30 bucks! Less than a dollar an ebook! It’s worth it for me just for recipes! I love recipes, you should see the recipe books I’ve created, I have probably thousands of paleo recipes in my recipe books! I have no excuse :) Anyways the ebooks are from lots of different paleo/primal bloggers and I just started reading through them and they’re really good! So if you are into ebooks and want to get them, check it out!


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