Author of Wheat Belly book featured on Dr. Oz

Posted: December 11, 2012 in Gluten Free, LCHF/Paleo
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Author of wheat bellyAuthor of Wheat Belly Dr. William Davis

The Dr. Oz show is not always my favourite show on Television because of the contradictory information that I find there BUT I have to admit the show last week caught my attention.

One of my favourite authors Dr. William Davis was on the show and he was there to talk to Dr. Oz about wheat and why it’s one of the most toxic foods you can eat.

I know Dr. Oz was intrigued after reading Dr. Davis’ best selling book Wheat Belly. So he brought Dr. Davis onto his show to ask him questions and get the word out on this toxic food in disguise as a “Health Food”

Check out the 3 videos that are posted on the Dr. Oz website to see the full 15 minute segment. It’s very interesting and shocking to those who didn’t realize they were eating something so incredibly bad for them.

CLICK THE LINK HERE to watch the 3 videos –

Let me know what you think of the segment in the comments!

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