Where to buy Kombucha Fermented Tea

I wrote yesterday about Kombucha and all the health benefit claims that are out there. Now I bet you are wondering, how the heck do you buy this drink here in Canada? It’s still not all that popular here, so unless you are willing to shell out a few bucks, I wouldn’t head out to your local store just yet.

Store bought vs Home BrewedWhere to buy kombucha.jpg

Why? #1 it’s expensive, #2 Most store-bought Kombucha has been pasteurized, this way it can stay on store shelves longer. The problem with this is it gets rid of a lot of the beneficial stuff that’s in Kombucha. #3 the stuff that’s raw and pricey has probably been sitting there a while. The longer it ferments, the stronger it tastes – more like apple cider vinegar. But hey maybe you like the taste of Apple Cider Vinegar, then you can shell out the $26 and buy a small bottle at places like Natural Food Pantry. You laugh but that’s exactly what I did.. not knowing what it tasted like, yet..

I was desperate to try it out before I actually started making my own, so when I was in Natural Food Pantry I noticed a bottle and snatched it up.. While I don’t mind the taste of Apple Cider Vinegar all that much, I really didn’t like the price. I guarantee you I won’t be buying my raw Kombucha there again. Seriously $26 a bottle? Wow! I can’t believe I spent that much! Honestly, I thought when I bought it that it said $16 and even then I thought ‘wow that’s pricey!’

Online search – brewing kit

I did plenty of research online and while you can probably go on places like Kijiji and find someone who has a Scoby/Culture to share with you, personally I’m always wary of stuff like this coming from complete strangers. Who knows what they did with it, ya just never know.

To be safe I went online searching for a reputable website with good testimonials. I was looking for a great starter kit.. I honestly wasn’t sure where to find a good 1/2 gallon or gallon glass container here in Ottawa and I thought maybe someone actually has the complete kit online.

Voila! I found what I was looking for at www.royalkombucha.com

It really was the only website I found that had great information, they have recipes, they explain what a Scoby is, how to make your own Kombucha, a FAQ section that answers any other questions you may have. If that’s not enough and you still are lost, they have online and phone support AND they send you Illustrated instructions with your kit! Best part, they ship to Canada, not for Free but regular shipping charges.

This is EXACTLY what I was looking for and then some… if all I need is a culture(Scoby) that’s all I have to buy. If I’m just starting out and need a bit of everything, they have that too with great starter kits including 1/2 gallon, or 1 gallon glass containers, tea, sugar, cotton cover and a rubber band to seal your jar while it ferments.

I am ordering and I’ll keep you posted on how long it takes for me to receive my order, I’m not 100% sure which part of the States it is coming from but I’m interested to see what condition the package is in when it arrives.

Once I get brewing I’ll keep you posted (hopefully with pictures) of the progress of my Kombucha, I also plan on doing a short video in the next couple of months, so stay tuned for that!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Do you have pictures to go with your story? I think kombucha tastes great, and I’ve been wanting to try it out myself at home too! Keep up the blogging! I’m interested to read about your experience!

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