The myth about cholesterol, Feature on Dr. Oz

Posted: December 12, 2012 in Gluten Free, Health, LCHF/Paleo, Video
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dr-OzEverything you thought you knew about Cholesterol was WRONG!

Click the link below to watch the 3 part segment on cholesterol. It is very important you watch this!

DR. Oz Video – WATCH NOW!

I have to admit, Dr. Oz is surprising me this past week or so! I might actually start watching the show more often!

First he has Dr. William Davis on his show talking about how wheat is evil, which it is.

Now he has 2 more Doctors on his show who say Everything you know about Cholesterol is wrong, which is true.

An eye opener

It is refreshing tosee a doctor who is a huge influence on the health of the general public coming out with this information. It goes against what we think is healthy, what we think we are doing right. It’s controversial but I breathe a sigh of relief when I see in the media information like this getting out there.

It gives me hope that one day (hopefully soon) the way we do things will change. The foods we see on store shelves, in our restaurants will change. Health food will really be healthy, doctors will prescribe proper nutrition and not doling out drugs for every little health problem.

People really don’t want to believe that the foods they know and love are doing more harm to them then they can ever imagine!

Dr. Oz, thank you for this small step in the right direction.

If you missed his earlier show “are you addicted to wheat” click the next link to view that 3 part segment! You’ll be glad you did!

Addicted to Wheat segments on Doctor Oz – WATCH NOW!

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  1. Jeanette says:

    I came to my own diet after years of experimenting AND reading about nutrition…. and it is exactly what you say yours is! I eliminated wheat (best thing I ever did for myself) and eat a lot of “healthy” fats (in that I am eating eggs, avocados and meat fats…. not fat from processed junk in a wrapper). I am now maintaining WITH EASE and limited exercise (because of a life situation) the lowest weight of my adult life.

    • tialee11 says:

      That is great! I think it’s the ideal way to eat.. I’m starting to struggle to get back on it, I should stay away from the sugar. I know how addicting it is but once I get back to eating it again.. I can’t stop! I’m getting there.. soon I’ll be back to prebaby weight

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