Best diet to lose weight

Posted: December 31, 2012 in Fitness/Exercise, Health
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A new year, a new startbest diet to lose weight.jpg

I am one of those folks who eats way too many sweets during the holidays and come January 1st I start on a new path to good health. I can’t say I was REALLY bad but I wasn’t eating as healthy as I could have over the holidays.

In the New Year I am looking forward to feeling better, working out at the gym again and losing some weight. I can’t say I have TONS of weight to lose but I certainly have some pounds to get rid of after having the baby.

I am REALLY looking forward to getting back on track, I feel just awful. While I consume all the garbage food that is in my house(SUGAR) I feel worse and worse everyday. I don’t want the temptation around but I also don’t want to just throw it out. Seems like such a waste, though really it would be much healthier for me if I did.

I know when the time comes, I can’t have sugar around or I will devour it. After about a week or two, sugar is allowed in the house again, I’ll be past the craving stage and I can usually avoid it once I’m past the cravings.

I’m really looking forward to getting back to the gym. Lifting a 25 lb baby everyday, I am starting to feel how incredibly out of shape I’ve gotten in the past year. I miss feeling strong and healthy, having lots of energy and no aches and pains.

I don’t enjoy working out but I miss the feeling when I work out of feeling strong and energized! Right now while I’m sipping the last hot chocolate of 2012.. I don’t feel any of those things. I feel unmotivated, ready for bed at 9am and just sore, my stomach is making awful noises and my whole body just feels inflamed!

I’m looking forward to feeling healthy again.. I miss you healthy me! Please come back soon!

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