Kickstart a health drink? Really?

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Health, LCHF/Paleo
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Kickstart, a health drink?

Seriously? Who comes up with this stuff? I’m baffled why someone thought this was a good idea? Why don’t you start just giving your kids a redbull with breakfast?

Yesterday PepsiCo announced they will be releasing on Feb 25th, a new breakfast drink called Mountain Dew Kickstart.

It has less caffeine than your average energy drink –  92mg in a 16 ounce can. To compare that’s MORE caffeine then in a small Tim Hortons Coffee, which was 80mg, while a medium has 100mg.

What is worse is that Kickstart only contains 5 percent real fruit juice but with only 80 calories I can see how naive parents can convince themselves that this would be a good drink for their kids. Mmmm artificial sweeteners, yummy!

It’s bad enough that people think that drinking a can of soda for breakfast is a good idea but now Kickstart is trying to make it acceptable to have a canned soda for breakfast. This is wrong in so many ways. I’m not impressed!

We will start seeing even more stories like this one, or this one in the news, before you know it! Something needs to be done to keep these kind of products off store shelves and out of kids hands.

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  1. Mrs. Swan says:

    The only thing that can be done is educating. :( I would NEVER buy this but I also would never buy mountain dew. Thats not to say I don’t buy soda- just not MD and they are adult drinks. One day i will kick the soda addiction. I kicked sugar and I am sure I will kick more things as time goes by.

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