Weightloss goals – Getting back on track

Posted: April 12, 2013 in General
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weightloss goals.jpgReaching my weightloss goals

I realized today that I haven’t posted an update in a while, so I thought better late than never! I have to say, things haven’t gone as planned this New Year. The plan WAS in January to start back at the gym, get back into pre-baby shape and fit into some of my old clothes again.

Plan shmam – things never go as planned

If I have learned something these past few weeks, it’s stop making plans! Lol well maybe not stop but don’t expect things to go as planned. Unfortunately when you have a child things aren’t really up to you anymore, let’s just say that I have had a few setbacks.

Setback 1 – Flu/cold Season

I don’t normally get sick, if I do it’s once a year and it’s very mild. This year I have been sick on and off since January. What’s the difference? Well my daughter started daycare in January and didn’t waste time in bringing home a few colds and flu’s. Now some of those are likely linked with her teething as it seems everytime she gets teeth in, she seems like she has a cold but the teeth come in and she’s better. The cold and flu season was the biggest set-back, since I’m not one who likes to work out when I’m not feeling good. Also when you are sick you need time to heal, get your immune system healthy again. Working out weakens your immune system, so it’s not a good idea to push through it. Rest, heal then gym.

Setback 2 – Too much to do, not enough hours in the day

I’ve been busy, more than normal. I’ve started a few new projects and lots of other things going on and just not enough time to do them all. It is now time for me to adjust my priorities and make losing weight and getting back into shape a priority. Period!

No more excuses

As I read my over my biggest setbacks I think to myself, they seem like excuses. In part they are but unavoidable ones. I wish I was feeling better, I wish I had more time but I don’t. Now I’m in April and am so far behind with everything, I’m planning a catch up week. I decided that I will be taking a week off in May, this week will be a work week. I’m going to spend the time to get caught up with cooking, cleaning, blogs, videos. It’s going to be a busy week, my daughter will remain in daycare for most of the week. Depending on how much I get done. I’ll have a long weekend with her and hopefully I will have gotten enough done throughout the week so that I won’t be working on the weekend before heading back to work!

Once I’m caught up with everything, I’ll have to keep on top of it all so I don’t fall behind again. I have a LONG list to tackle and I’m not 100% sure I’ll get it all done in a week but I’ll try my best.

New goals, new commitments, new challenges

Since becoming pregnant in 2011, I went from being in decent shape and at my lowest weight I’ve been in years, to gaining approx 30 lbs being pregnant, losing 25 of those pounds after having the baby, gaining another 20 lbs again while being at home and eating WAY too many carbs, to losing 10 of those pounds and still not in shape. I want to get back to where I was before the baby. That’s my goal, I have no idea what I weighed at that point but I know what clothes I fit into and how I looked and felt and I want that back!

I was thinking about it today and I realized that when I lost the majority of my weight, I was creating meal plans. I was sticking to them and was only buying groceries for those meal plans. But I was also single at the time, I lived on my own and it was much easier. This is going to be a whole new challenge for me, I have less time and more mouths to feed. My daughter eats really healthy, so now I have to combine what she eats into my diet and PLAN better for the week.


Yeah I know, I just finished saying no more planning and now I’m talking about making plans. HA! Well they are good plans and I am going to have backup plans for my plans… that way if something comes up, I’ll know what to do. For example, my original plan is to do menu’s and go to the gym Mon, Wed, Friday. Plan B – If I don’t get around to making my meal plans for some reason, I have an idea what I should be eating so I’ll get by for the week, I just will make sure to write out a grocery list and stick to it, no junk in the house! ALSO if for some reason I don’t get to the gym on those days, I will get some sort of exercise that day. So that means I will go for a walk on my break at work for 30 minutes, or I will go to the gym after work or I will get home and do a workout there somehow. When I write out my meal plans I usually write out what exercise I will do, so I will write out my back up plan as well if I don’t make it to the gym. No more excuses!

I’m also going to keep my freezer and pantry full of healthy options and not have the snack food around that I love to eat. Once I get into a good routine, I should be fine but that could take a few weeks, so I’ll have to behave for a while ;)

Thanks for listening and if you have any suggestions or tips for someone who is trying to get back into shape, cook healthy meals and manage a baby, full time job and friends and family, I’m all ears!

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