SIBO is evil!! Anyone else find this SIBO diet difficult?

Posted: June 28, 2013 in Food, SIBO Diet and Recipes
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I haven’t updated you in a while, I stuck with SIBO diet for a few weeks. Actually about a month and then I had a weekend where I was out and about and just gave in and ate what I could find and bam that slowly over a week or two, turned into the end of my SIBO diet.

I am having an incredibly difficult time sticking with it. I have tons of things to do and all the extra preparation for meals and getting food ready on weekends, it’s just a lot. I like quick and easy meals and the fact that I have things in my freezer ready to eat usually keeps prep time during the week to a minimum.

My issues with the SIBO diet

  • I work 12pm to 8pm which means I am not home at night to cook my meals. I have to cook meals either in the morning with my breakfast and make enough for leftovers or at night after I get home.. who wants to cook meals at 9pm?
  • The meals aren’t as quick and easy to make ahead of time. I’m use to foods I can cook in big batches, freeze and heat up again at work. Pork chops and salad, not so easy and frozen salad just doesn’t work..
  • Not enough time.. seriously can we not just have an extra day tacked onto our weekend, every weekend?
  • Limited foods I can eat, I don’t like vegetables so I force myself to eat them. Which actually has made me like more vegetables than before…
  • I don’t like liver, who does really? So I force myself to eat it BUT I can’t add any flavour to them AT ALL other than salt/pepper, ginger and other less troublesome spices like chives. If I’m gonna eat liver at least let me put some onions or garlic on it!
  • Bone broth – I don’t mind eating it.. soups in the summer – not optimal.. it’s summer, it’s HOT! Also the broth stinks up the house, boyfriend isn’t amused that it cooks for so long!

I feel like all that work was for nothing, I was feeling better and now… I have to start all over again. I’m giving myself some time to get through some family/cottage/bbq’s and then I’ll get back into it.

I have also been contemplating getting a test done to determine what food intolarances I have. Anyone else ever had a IgG blood test done, which tests antibodies in your blood? Did it help you out? I’m going to be doing this soon.. I’ll post more on that once I get it done.

As much as I think I do have SIBO, I hate having so little food options.. if I had a better idea of what foods did bother me it would be easier re-introducing foods back in. I’d know which ones were safer to start with. I got to the point where I probably could have started introducing foods back in but I got scared. Yes scared.. when you start feeling better, you don’t want to feel worse again..

I didn’t know where to start and I didn’t really want to mess things up. Which in essence is exactly what I did since I just gave up completely but if I’m going to do this again.. I want a better plan of approach. I got to a certain point and I was lost.

My SIBO DIET questions for you:

  1. How do I make things easier with meal prep/cooking, since I am not home to cook supper every night?
  2. Ideas, options on ways to make the food interesting. Magical safe spices I could use on meats etc? Liver options besides onion and garlic?
  3. Do you share in my pain, anyone else want to vent? Or am I completely alone here?



  1. Steph says:

    I follow Dr. Norman Robillard’s protocol for SIBO. It’s a little bit more forgiving version of a low carb diet, where you can have some easily digested, low fermentable carbs like jasmine rice and russet potatoes, as well as full fat dairy products low in lactose. I have Crohn’s, celiac, and have recently battled a nasty H. Pylori infection. I find his approach works best for me, and might be a little easier to cook for. Maybe try making large casseroles with the digestible rice and potatoes, along with meat and veg. I also don’t care much for too many veggies, so maybe focus on having boiled eggs on hand, maybe canned fish to snack on. I use my crockpot a lot in the summer to keep the heat out of the kitchen, but end up making stews and soups, which can be a little uncomfortable to eat in the heat. Hope this helps and that you’re feeling better soon.

    • tialee11 says:

      Yeah I looked at other diets and unfortunately I’m not good with carbs at all. I have an intolerance to all grains so I have to avoid them and lactose which is why I have to try cutting out the dairy completely and make sure things like butter and cheese aren’t bothering me. I also eat a lot of eggs and it could be that that is bothering me as well, I’m not sure :( It really limits the foods I can eat.. I eat lots of things I really don’t like but canned fish is something I don’t think I could ever stomach lol. I did a test for celiac, supposedly I don’t have it but I still think I do.. I think it is the root of many of the food problems I have now. I will be trying to cut stuff out again after or during my holidays and see how it goes. I was hoping to get a intolerance test back by then but turns out I have to redo it, the blood sample was sent too late to the lab! Maybe it will give me an idea on whether some of the foods I am not sure about should be avoided. Or atleast give me an idea on what foods I can introduce back in first. I wish I could eat rice. I love rice but it does not love me

      • Steph says:

        Hmm, that’s tough. Can you have cauliflower? I like to “rice” a bunch of it, saute it in coconut oil with some salt & pepper, then I divide it into a bunch of Ziploc canisters and freeze it. Then I have an instant side dish to go with anything, without having actual rice. I also cook up giant roasts in the crockpot (pork or beef), then freeze that as well in meal sized portions for something quick when I’m busy. A whole chicken in the crockpot is easy, too. Just season it, put it breast side down and cook it low for 4 hours. Shred and freeze to use in another dish or just on its own. I also like to make meatballs in bulk (you can use any ground meat along with chopped veggies like carrots) and freeze those. Meatballs and burgers are also a way to hide small amounts of liver (which I don’t care for either). I don’t use any flour filler, just meat, veg and eggs to hold them together. And season them with any spice you’re comfortable with to add variety. Maybe leafy spices, like tarragon? Sorry if I’m not much help. My diet’s pretty boring, but I’m kind of used to it. :-)

        And for the celiac blood test- it’s notoriously unpredictable. Mine was negative, but an endoscopy was positive. But I really knew for sure when I went gluten free and felt better.

  2. Tigerlily says:

    My husband is going through something similar at the moment, to try to combat more than 10 years of living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and IBS. Coming up with new recipes to make the diet a bit more interesting is a real trial for me, especially when I also have children to feed – we can’t all just share his diet, it’s not practical!

    At the moment I’m trying to make sure there are always leftovers from dinner – he is happy to eat those for breakfast or lunch the next day. I guess the aim is to cook one meal that he can dip into a number of times. Maybe cooking a couple of large casseroles on the weekend and freezing portions to use during the week is the way to go?

    I also find that the SIBO diet my husband’s Naturopath gave him is a little different to a lot I’ve seen online, so that can be confusing. We are less than two weeks into it (and I’m proud of him for sticking with it so far), but I don’t know that it’s going to get any easier, lol.

    • tialee11 says:

      I did it for a month and it seemed to really help but was extremely hard to stick to. I will try again in a bit, right now I’m concentrating on other things in my life and it just seems like too much to try and change the way I eat even more than I already have again. It takes up a lot of time to prepare meals. Hopefully your husband finds it helps a lot. It made a huge difference and I can already tell now that I’m eating more sugar again that I’m not sleeping as well at all and I feel sore pretty much everywhere again. Too bad it is so hard :(

  3. Kris_Ti says:

    I know it’s an old post but I’m just wondering if you ever ended up doing the allergy testing? My Doc wants me to do the ALCAT testing but its pretty expensive and I already know I react to most foods anyway!

    • tialee11 says:

      Hi, I did the food intolerance testing through Rexall pharmacies here in Canada. An allergy is much different than a food intolerance and your body reacts much differently with an allergy. The food intolerance test was great and I found it incredibly accurate. My problem is the foods that are left for me to eat, I don’t like them and I am very limited so it’s hard to come up with a plan in order to chance how I eat. I plan on focusing on that once again very shortly. It’s been a long year and I have had other things sidetrack me from this but it will be my focus once again, very very soon. Thanks!

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