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Starting over

Posted: September 26, 2017 in Uncategorized

I wrote this last week, just posting now. I’ll have a new update soon.

It’s been a while, again. There’s a number of reason and many excuses why I haven’t been blogging lately or in the past few years but I have to say it’s nice to be back. I have lots to catch you up on and I can’t do it all in one post. 
In the past few years following a pregnancy, stress and weight gain I have come to the decision that it’s once again time to get my health back on track again. 
What this means is that in the past few years (3 or so) I have managed to gain almost all my weight I had lost previously back (50-60 lbs) My hip pain is back, my aches and pains radiate throughout my body. My muscles are tight and I feel like it’s a struggle to do simple things like bending or standing up from a sitting position. My monthly cycle has turned into a huge dread for me, they are a bit shorter but much more pain then ever before and super heavy. This is I’m sure related to my uterine polyp I developed on the top of my uterus. I went for the ultrasound yesterday for a follow up from last year. I didn’t do anything about it last year, it was very small – so small they couldn’t tell if it was a fibroid or a polyp. The ultrasound guy said, yup it’s still there. That’s all he said. So I have no clue if it’s same size or larger. But I do know estrogen is the source of these polyps and I have long thought that my hormones were out of whack. (more on this later)
My energy level is pretty much non existent and gluten, grains, dairy, sugar have all made it back into my diet. (yup, I know) I have headaches, lose my breath sometimes when I’m sleeping and when I have caffeine of any sort (dark chocolate) my chest burns – coffee causes an anxious feeling all over my body. Things aren’t getting better and I need to do something about all this now. 

I made the decision a few weeks ago things need to change now. I have committed to doing a whole 30 with some friends for the month of October and November. Will it last longer than that? Possibly. I’m seeing my doctor about the polyps in October so I’ll figure out the plan for that later. 
My goal for October is to kill my sugar cravings, lose some weight, get rid of all the grains I know I shouldn’t be eating. Eat more veggies, organic and good food, healthy fats. 
Here is what I have done so far:

I have started putting healthy meals in my freezer. I moved my apartment sized freezer from the basement to my kitchen area for easier access.
I have joined a weekly delivery where I get fresh organic fruits and veggies every Friday delivered to my home . Link – 

I will be organizing all my recipes better and start meal planning every week based on the food I get in my weekly box. 

When my energy level increases I will start increasing my activity and going to the gym on a more regular basis.

I am also going to research to find out ways to balance out my hormones to hopefully heal my polyps without having to have any surgery. This might take a while or it could take a really long time but I think it is possible. I have read about another person who was able to clear her ovarian cysts and numerous polyps by balancing her hormones.

This week I’m getting more food ready for my whole 30 – fermenting, dehydrating and cooking. 
I’m going to continue to drop my carbs to the point where I’m no longer craving them and where I have my meals figured out. Reduce the amount of snack food I have available once I get my food amounts figured out for each meal so that I’m not hungry in a few hours, I’m able to last from breakfast to lunch.

My hardest meal to figure out is breakfast, I struggle because I really don’t want to eat eggs everyday. We’ll see what I can come up with for this, something that is quick and easy for a rushed morning. I’m also going to try and boost my vegetable and fat intake. 
I have a weekly subscription of meal plans that are paleo that I”ll try to use when creating my meal plans. – I usually just go through the list of recipes, the ones I like I email to myself so that I can save them and print them off. I then add them to my recipe binder to try. 
I’ll keep you updated as best as I can. My priority is my health, my food and getting this right so if I slack off on writing it’s because all that along with my normal day-to-day is taking up most of my time and I haven’t had a chance to sit down and write yet. 
Talk to you soon