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Wheat Belly book.jpgDr. William Davis’ Wheat Belly Book Review

Now I can’t say that this book was out at the time when I went Gluten Free but had this book been out at the time, my life would have been SOOO much easier.

The amount of time I spent from when I started until I was comfortable cooking meals for myself, ordering food in restaurants or buying groceries in the grocery store. Ditching the wheat was the longest process ever. It doesn’t happen overnight but one thing I didn’t understand until I read this book is exactly why more and more people were having this problem. Why suddenly people were gluten intolerant or developing Celiac Disease.

An understanding of gluten

I now understand all the health problems that can be associated with eating gluten, I also know why these problems are happening and I know what to do about it. This book didn’t fall into my hands until a few years after I started my gluten free journey but it has helped me when talking with others about gluten.

Sharing with others

I have since given the book to family members and recommended it to several friends. If you are struggling with health problems, if you are overweight or even discovering that you have a gluten intolerance. This book will guide you along the way.

Transition to Paleo way of eating

Since going gluten-free I have actually been naturally transitioning to eating more paleo. Now I am not sure if I’m actually Celiac or not (I took the test but it’s not accurate, it came out negative) but I find that eating gluten causes many health problems with me. I also have found that other foods such as Rice, Oats, milk cause problems, so I have had to go a little further when cutting out foods. The thing is I think the damage that I did to my system from eating the gluten caused many other intolerances. I have problems with chocolate, MSG, sugar. When I researched further I found out that these are common foods that cause problems. I had no idea these foods caused issues with me until I cut them out and attempted to add them back in. Skin problems, energy problems, bloating..

It’s not easy

Going gluten-free or even eating paleo is a struggle, it’s not easy. It’s a huge change from the way you eat. I can’t say I eat it perfectly, especially now. But now I’m knowledgeable enough to know that when I get a reaction, what to look for and I can figure out what it was that I ate and try to avoid it in the future.

Wheat Belly Book Review Video

I spent a few hours working on this video(shooting, editing and posting-slow internet), I wanted to explain a bit about my history and how I got to the point of eating gluten free before I started talking about the book. Hopefully you find it interesting. I appreciate any questions or comments you may have about the book or about my story.

Wheat Belly book.jpg

If you haven’t seen my blog post a few months back, Dr. Davis was on the Dr. Oz show. The blog post has the video segment link where he talks about wheat, why it’s addictive, some recipes and lots more.. 3 great segments! Check out my blog post view the video!


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dr-OzEverything you thought you knew about Cholesterol was WRONG!

Click the link below to watch the 3 part segment on cholesterol. It is very important you watch this!

DR. Oz Video – WATCH NOW!

I have to admit, Dr. Oz is surprising me this past week or so! I might actually start watching the show more often!

First he has Dr. William Davis on his show talking about how wheat is evil, which it is.

Now he has 2 more Doctors on his show who say Everything you know about Cholesterol is wrong, which is true.

An eye opener

It is refreshing tosee a doctor who is a huge influence on the health of the general public coming out with this information. It goes against what we think is healthy, what we think we are doing right. It’s controversial but I breathe a sigh of relief when I see in the media information like this getting out there.

It gives me hope that one day (hopefully soon) the way we do things will change. The foods we see on store shelves, in our restaurants will change. Health food will really be healthy, doctors will prescribe proper nutrition and not doling out drugs for every little health problem.

People really don’t want to believe that the foods they know and love are doing more harm to them then they can ever imagine!

Dr. Oz, thank you for this small step in the right direction.

If you missed his earlier show “are you addicted to wheat” click the next link to view that 3 part segment! You’ll be glad you did!

Addicted to Wheat segments on Doctor Oz – WATCH NOW!

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Is bacon good for you.jpg

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Video: Dear 16 year old me

Posted: May 9, 2011 in General, Health, Video

With the weather getting nicer, we are drawn to the sun. Sun bathing, going for walks, sun tanning, staying outside all day without putting on sunscreen. This video has only been up online for about a week and is already close to a million views. It’s touching, it’s real and it’s informative. Watch it and do yourself a favor, wear sunscreen this summer!

Video: Don’t tease me!

Posted: May 5, 2011 in Video

I didn’t get a video up yesterday so I thought I would atleast try to get something up, I’ll post more later but for now enjoy this funny talking dog video. If my dog could talk, she’d do the exact same thing.. lol

No excuses

Posted: April 20, 2011 in General, Video

We all have excuses for not working out, not eating properly. We put things off. I say why not now? Why not today?

I’m the queen of excuses, less now than before but I’m still pretty good at them.

I was checking out Jean-Luc Boissonneault’s blog owner of Free Form Fitness and I saw this video.. I can’t put it into words so check it out, it’s a little mid-week motivation for all you people who love excuses, like me !

Ottawa Dietitian Helene Charlebois talks about the benefits of eggs to your health.

Video: One more yogurt video

Posted: April 14, 2011 in Food, Video

I have one more video I wanted to share with you guys from my visit with Loblaws Dietitian Tina Stewart.. She took me on a tour through the new yogurt aisles where she explains what new kinds of yogurt you’ll be able to find in your grocery store… Check it out!

AND if you haven’t had a chance to check out any of my other videos you can visit my YouTube Channel here where you’ll find more videos from my visit with Tina Stewart and Chef Dana Speers of President’s Choice Test Kitchen as well as other videos with my guest bloggers; Dietitan Helene Charlebois, Fitness Trainer Janet Fougere and Free Form Fitness Owner and Personal Trainer Jean-Luc Boissonneault.