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A little bit of Kefir goes a long way

o-KEFIR-facebook I bought some Kefir grains a week or two ago and I have to say it’s not as easy to make good tasting Kefir as I thought it would be. Not only do you need to pay close attention to the taste but it’s hard to get it from tasting too sour. I have made a few batches so far and I have yet to get a good tasting Kefir that is not too sour and isn’t like water.

I left it out far too long the first couple times, this time I left it out just 12 hours and put it in the fridge to ferment much slower. We will see how it tastes and if it’s creamier. I have a feeling I will have to adjust a few more times to get this right. In the meantime I have been buying a jar of Kefir from my local natural food store.

When I first tried Kefir I was leary, only because I’m aware I have a dairy and casein intolerance and if I drink milk in any way I am running to the bathroom within 6 hours. So the first time I bought Kefir, I bought it at the grocery store in the health food section. It was made with organic milk and it was just plain. I took it with digestive enzymes (Just in Case) and I had no problems. I ate a few containers of it and noticed an increase in energy. The real reason I bought it though was to see if it would help with my stomach pain. I have been getting stomach pain, usually by eating the supplements of probiotics you buy in the fridge section of the health food store. I have never had issues with them before but maybe I just bought a brand I can’t tolerate. So I bought a different brand and the pains came back, even more intense than before.

The pain was a sharp pain under my left ribs and I wasn’t really realizing it was the probiotics but I thought it could be something I was eating. So I stopped all supplements and cut back on sugar, the pain got better but didn’t go away. The 3rd or 4th time it happened I was starting to put the connection together but naturally I was worried, so I went to the ER. They tested my blood to make sure there’s nothing wacky going on with my spleen, since my spleen is in that area. I was prepared for bad news, so I was a little shocked when the doctor came back and said I was fine. The ER doctor new my GP well and said that I should go see her and she would make sure to help narrow things down for me. So I went to see her and she sent me to get an ultrasound to make sure it isn’t my spleen or pancreas. 3-4 weeks later, I called and they said it was fine. Relieved but still confused on what was causing it I did an experiment. I ate probiotics again, the pain though it never really went away, it was more of a dull ache came back immediately and it was painful. So it was probiotics!

Oh crap!

That’s what I said when I realized it was my probiotics. Honestly I have been on a mission for a long time to get my health back to normal and I know 100% with all certainty that eating probiotics and replenishing the good bacteria in my gut is part of the issue and part of the cure. How the heck can I do this without taking probiotic supplements?

Fermented foods?

Probiotics and I have had issues for a while now. I realized this when I bought a scoby to make Kombucha. In order to make Kombucha you need to add your scoby to sugar water made with tea. The bacteria eats the sugar while it ferments. I gave it a try and noticed it bothered me a bit, I had sore joints. This was before I found out I had a sugar and tea intolerance. Go figure it bothered me, ok so what else can I try? I tried the supplements again after that and they bothered me and while I have absolutely no clue why they did and even more so I moved on to my next experiment. Water Kefir but again water Kefir is made from sugar water and honestly I hated the taste. It again caused joint pain, even more so than the Kombucha. Maybe if I tried it with coconut water instead it would help but I gave up a little too quick because my grains just didn’t seem to get healthy at all even after numerous batches. I think they weren’t healthy because we have well water here and while it usually is good for Kefir grains we also put a bit of bleach in it and maybe some of that was left over and killed some of the grains. Either way I moved on to Kefir and this is when I tried the store bought stuff.

It didn’t bother me, surprisingly. I had been avoiding it because of my dairy intolerance and it is the one thing that doesn’t seem to bother me. Go figure! The longer I ate it, the better my stomach was feeling. I had more energy and I was a little suprised so I started to consider making my own to offset the cost of buying it. So far as you read earlier that hasn’t gone as well as I had hoped so I keep buying some so I can continue eating it while I experiment with the grains and getting it to taste good.

My stomach pain has disappeared almost entirely. I’m a little suprised and am hoping that I don’t start reacting to the casein or milk at all and have actually taken the Kefir without the digestive enzymes and it seems to be fine. I’ll continue and hope that things turn around and it helps out in other areas as well. But I also want to try and introduce other fermented foods into my diet so my next experiment will be fermented vegetables. Starting with cabbage.

My cabbage the first round I tried was WAY too salty. I put in too much salt so next batch I will see if I can find a better guide in terms of how much salt to use. Once I get a good cabbage juice I will use that to ferment other vegetables such as cucumbers, garlic and who knows what else! I’m hopeful that the addition of other fermented foods will help continue healing my stomach. Now if only I could get the rest of my diet figured out! I’ve decided that I don’t have enough time as I want to get cooking done on the weekends so I need a little help. I’m looking into getting a house keeper to come in and help with keeping the house in better shape so I can concentrate more on getting meals cooked and get the rest of my house organized. But that’s a whole other story right now.  In the meantime I’ll keep experimenting!



Thoughts of the weekThese are my thoughts for the week

Good Days– I haven’t had a ‘good day’ in a while. Let me explain to you what a ‘good day’ looks like to me. I get up and as I go about my day, a burst of energy comes my way. It stays, all day even during a gym workout,  long day at work and then continues into the evening. I go home roll into bed, fall asleep and have a great sleep to wake up refreshed and feeling great again the next day…

This ‘good day’ eludes me. I haven’t had it, well since pre-baby.

Lately, I wake up and I feel like I just want to roll back into bed.. AND I feel like that ALL DAY!! But alas I can’t roll back into bed, so I continue through my day and feel the same way the next day and the next.

This is what I have felt like since having my baby.. I love her to bits but having a baby, it just drains you. From being pregnant(draining), to delivery(draining), newborn baby (draining), to chasing around a 1-year-old that is curious and mobile(still draining).

Today (SO FAR) was a ‘good day’. I honestly didn’t think I could have a good day again.. ever!

I got up and felt good, then I went to the gym and I had lots of energy. I got in a good workout and still felt great afterwards and my energy level has been good all day. Unbelievable. Just hope it continues!

More thoughts of the week

Kombucha News – My Kombucha is once again brewing. This time I’m brewing two batches. The first batch I finished is ALMOST gone now and it didn’t last long, so this time, I tripled the amount HAHA 1 batch brewing is 1 gallon, the 2nd batch that’s brewing is around 2 gallons. That’s 3 gallons of Kombucha(yes I can add, yay me)! I am not sure if it’s helping me at all or if it has contributed to my rise in energy but I think it’s still too soon to tell. I’ll give you updates as time goes on.

Working out – I’m making progress at the gym, I’m so proud that my strength and endurance is coming back so quickly. Close to half of the machines I’m using I’m back to the weight I was lifting right before I got pregnant. I’ve actually exceeded the weight on two of them.. not surprising that they are both arm exercises – with all the baby lifting that I do. I’ve only gone to the gym, maybe 10 times total(if that) since the beginning of January. The cardio would probably be better if I spent more time on it but I thought it was more important to get stronger, so I focus more on weights when I go. I still do 20-30 min of cardio, which is fantastic but I haven’t stepped up the level on the cardio AT ALL. If I keep having ‘good days’ then I might be able to step that up as well.

I don’t know if I’ve lost weight, honestly I haven’t checked the scale in a week. The important thing for me is that I feel stronger and my pants feel looser. Sad to say and admit but I’m still wearing maternity pants! I know, I’m actually terribly ashamed about it but they still fit, are comfy and my old jeans(the last time I tried them on) were too tight. I’m a cheap-ass so I just haven’t bought a pair that fit me now, knowing I’m going to lose weight and eventually get back into my jeans again. Within a month or two for sure…

My strength – I would love to get to the point where I can squat or do a push up without falling flat on my face.. A girl can dream can’t she? Speaking of push ups, I saw a great blog post today over at Marks Daily Apple – it’s called Pushups the Perfect primal exercise. It explains why push ups are a great exercise(no duh) and how to progress from doing wall push ups to floor push ups. They also posted a great success story today on Marks Daily Apple that is inspirational! I love reading success stories.

Even more thoughts of the week

Inspiration – Another great inspirational story I found is over at NERD FITNESS – This guy has dropped 128 lbs in 10 months.. You can hear his story and read an update on how he is doing. Very awesome!

Slim is Simple – A couple of days ago I posted a video that I hope you all check out, it’s called Slim is Simple and it explains how to eat healthy. If you think you are eating ‘Healthy’ you may not be AT ALL!! We are doing it WRONG(who knew) and it is costing each one of us our health. So check it out and be amazed!

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KombuchaKombucha brewing – Easier than I thought

I’ve been meaning to post this for a couple of days.. I checked on my Kombucha that was brewing the other day and it seems to be ready. It brewed for 22 days and I got a huge scoby out of it.. so now I have 2. I’m thinking of starting two batches instead of just one. One 1 gallon batch just won’t last very long. I like the thought that I’m actually eating some fermented food now and being kind to my gut, helping it heal. But having to wait 3 weeks just to drink the stuff, it’s very long when you drink a small glass a day. I give it a week and I’ll have none left. So I guess I’ll have to go look for another 1 gallon glass container to use. I have no idea where to find one here in Ottawa, any suggestions?

Store bought/home brew no comparison!

I have to say though this Kombucha I brewed doesn’t even compare to the stuff I bought in the store for $26 a bottle. The stuff in the store was very strong and was awful compared to this stuff. It tastes a million times better when you brew it yourself. It actually kind of tastes a bit like champagne and I’m sure if you double ferment to get some bubbles going, it would be similar, though I haven’t had champagne in years so hard to really compare. :)

In the photo, the jar on the right is what I put in my fridge to drink (some more went into another jar). The jar on the left is both scoby’s sitting around waiting for me to brew another batch. I’ll start brewing again in the next few days.

I’m happy my Kombucha turned out, I was a little worried because the temperature in my house is far from consistent and the batch was downstairs, which can go from very warm to cold in a few hours. (wood furnace).

It will be interesting to see how the next batch tastes as I’ll be using a combination of black tea and green tea. I’m actually not sure what tea I used when I made my first batch since it came with my kit.

Maybe after I get use to brewing this stuff I might start double fermenting to get some fizz in my drink. We will see!

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I haven’t written in a while, I’m a busy girl ya know! I am back to work now and trying to get caught up on, well, pretty much everything.

Things are going well, I’m eating pretty well lately and I plan on getting back to the gym in the New Year. I’m saving money to buy a year membership at GoodLife. If you remember a few months ago I tried a gym near where I lived and didn’t like it at all. I didn’t go very often and ended up canceling my membership. With a penalty of course but it really wasn’t worth the time, I really didn’t feel like I was getting much accomplished when I did go.

I missed going to GoodLife and was hoping since I was heading back to work earlier than expected I might be able to put away a little extra cash to get a membership for the New Year. I’ve decided I’m going to make it happen and I’m excited. I’ll aim for 2-3 days a week, probably after work. I’m done at 8pm and hoping it doesn’t screw me up too much for sleep. If I’m having a hard time going to sleep then I’ll probably try going before work. Not what I want to do because I would have to drop off my baby early to daycare and shower at the gym. Two things I don’t really want to do but we’ll see how things go.

I’m down about 10 lbs total and I’m starting to feel better after a round of antibiotics to get rid of a bacterial infection. Once I started the medication I lost a bit more weight and I feel much better, my energy is finally back!

I am confident once I start hitting the gym in the New Year I’ll be back to my pre-baby weight in no time. Which is really only about 10 lbs away!

I just ordered the book Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and can’t wait to read this book. I’ve heard lots of great things about this book in the Paleo world and it have 100’s of 5 star reviews on Amazon. I’m also getting interested in Fermenting foods and Dehydrating foods. So I’m sure there’s info in this book about that which can help.

I’ve been trying Kombucha, which is a Fermented tea, the past couple days and my energy is up quite a bit these past few days. I’m actually kind of craving it, so it’s making me think that I might have to start making my own at home because a small bottle for $16 at the health food store is going to make me VERY broke before too long. If anyone out there in the Ottawa area is brewing Kombucha and has a scoby they can share with me, I’d be SOOO thankful! Any tips on brewing Kombucha at home? Leave me a comment, I’d love to know. Right now I have no clue!