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I had mentioned last week that I was going to post an update on what I am up to soon.. well here it is. Now what I have been thinking about is probably what a lot of people in the Paleo world are thinking about, how do I learn more?

I love learning about health and Paleo and I would LOVE to have some sort of nutrition background to help me when doing nutrition consultations. (I have done a few for family and friends but not clients, yet) Now the problem I have is that I can’t find any institution anywhere that gives a certificate or diploma course for Paleo. Now it’s slightly understandable since Paleo is a new thing but is Paleo all that new really? It’s evolutionary nutrition, seriously why aren’t there courses on this? I haven’t been able to find much and I’m actually a little shocked that there’s not more out there for people who want to do the exact same thing as I do.

So what’s my plan?

Right now I’d like to create a service for people who are looking for help to get started with Paleo for a small fee. First I’ll tell you what I’d offer then you can suggest how much you think those services would be worth.

This is something that I have done for friends and family members but I thought maybe it can help me raise some money to take some more courses.(More about that in a minute)


I will work with people for 30 days or longer depending and I’ll teach them about Paleo and how to eat. I created a very detailed FOOD form that I get people to fill it out. It tells me what kind of foods they like, what ways they like certain food cooked, what foods they have never tried but are willing to etc.. when they send it back I write up a meal plan for the month along with recipes of foods they like(since they filled out the form) I work with them during the 30 days to help them get started. Since I have researched Paleo for a few years and I have helped others start eating Paleo I have enough knowledge, resources that I can help people through the very bumpy beginnings of switching to eating a new way..I know how hard it is to change the way you eat and I know how hard it is to go from eating out ALL THE TIME to eating more meals at home and using foods you may not have even heard of before.

The thing is at the beginning, it’s new, people get confused and it really is hard to find all these new recipes and foods you like but I know I can help and I love to help! I have the resources, I know where to look and I have recipes on my computer for thousands and thousands of different meals/recipes that I can share. I can help answer questions you may have. Everyone needs some sort of support system when starting something new.

ONCE I take more schooling I’ll have more knowledge to offer my clients but the thing is right now I can personalize this for each individual person who needs the help all for a low cost and I can work with them, motivate and support them along the way. Kind of like a Paleo Buddy..

Resource page – what I’d like to create(shortly) is a resource page on my blog, these are all the books/blogs/websites/doctors etc Things that might already be on my blog and things I’d like to add. Easy to find, easy to look up.. If you are searching for info it can help guide you- It will list all the books I used so far to learn Paleo as well as ones that are on my TO READ list.

I will update my ABOUT ME page as I take new courses, so I can list that info there.

HEALTHY HAPPY & WISE <— I’m always working on the WISE by learning

I’m always looking to learn more about Nutrition. I haven’t taken it in school and everything I have learned so far are from books, blogs and research papers so I’d love to actually take some courses, preferably online since it would be too difficult to attend school at this point in my life.

What I want – a course that gives me the chance to become a PALEO nutritional consultant or a title that gives me the opportunity to teach others but I want Paleo or traditional foods to be tied into the course. I don’t want to be in school for years, I can’t go anywhere because I have a young family so I’d have to do it online. If I can find a good quality course that takes 1-2 years to complete that gives me everything that I want then I would do it in a heartbeat.. but I haven’t found one.


What I have found.. there’s a University in California, called Hawthorn University.. I have never heard of them but they actually have tons of courses that are based on Weston A Price’s teachings.

NOTE – If you haven’t heard of him Weston A. Price is a doctor, actually a dentist but shifted his interests to nutrition in the early 30’s. At the end of the 30’s he published a book that detailed his travels around the world while studying the diets and nutrition of different cultures. His conclusion from his studies was that a modern Western diet(processed foods, sugar, flour and processed oils) cause nutritional deficiencies that are the cause of many health and dental problems. Dr. Price’s research demonstrated that humans achieve perfect physical form and perfect health generation after generation only when they consume nutrient-dense whole foods and the vital fat-soluble activators found exclusively in animal fats. The Weston A. Price Foundation was co-founded in 1999 by Sally Fallon and nutritionist Mary G. Enig to disseminate his research. (info found on wikipedia and Weston A Price Foundation website)

Hawthorn University has Masters and Doctorates, none of which I’m qualified to apply for since I didn’t go to University. Plus they are VERY long to complete and VERY expensive. They do however have Certificate courses.

One of the courses I’m most interested in at Hawthorne is the Nutrition consultant. It is a HUGE commitment, they give you 32 weeks to complete it and it’s a lot of money over $4200. I am just not sure I want to commit that much time/money to this at this point now. The other course is Wise Traditions Nutrition Certificate which would be interesting to take but I wouldn’t I wouldn’t get a nutritionist consultant designation.

OPTION B The other route is to take courses to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist that consist of taking a few courses that I don’t care to learn about such as Vegetarian Nutrition. There’s a school that has ONLINE courses(what I was looking for) called Alive Academy, it’s based in Canada which is a bonus. They have a Nutritional Consulting Diploma Course which is 7 courses total. If you complete the course one by one you have a max amount of months to complete each course. If you pay all at once you are given 18 months to complete all the courses but most people complete them all in 12 months. It’s also cheaper than the Hawthorne Option, less time but not giving me more of the traditional nutrition courses like Hawthorn does. $1800 for the courses all at once or almost 2000 if I do them one at a time BUT I will become a Certified Holistic Nutritionist(CHN) when I complete the course and can also apply(write exams) to become a Registered Nutritional Counselor (RNC) and/or Certified Natural Health Practitioner (CNHP)

OPTION C Alive Academy also has a course called Sports & Fitness Nutrition Certificate. It is a total of 3 courses, it’s even cheaper, will take less time than Option B but once I complete these 3 courses I will be a Certified Sports Nutrition Consultant(CSNC) and if I take an extra course on Vegetarian Nutrition(you can see where I have a problem with this) I can apply, write an exam to become a Registered Nutrition Counselor and/or Certified Health Practitioner. This is the quickest and easiest and cheapest route at this point but is still not getting me what I want to learn exactly.. well some of the courses are but the Vegetarian Nutrition isn’t something I want to learn about.

Option D There’s an option with both schools to take courses individually(as far as I can read).. so what I was thinking is I can take the courses I think I need or the courses I want to learn more about and mix and match, a bit from here, a bit from there but this will get me no title designation.. OR I can can do the basic courses from Alive Academy to become Certified sports Nutrition Consultant then either continue on and finish the courses to become a RHN there and/or go to Hawthorn and take courses individually there. The ones I would like to take..(have to look into this to make sure I can take courses individually from the Nutrition Consultant /Wise Traditions courses.)

As much as I would love to do Option A and take the Nutrition Consultant course, right now I don’t see that happening. Option D is actually what I’m leaning towards. It will combine a few courses I don’t want to take with ones I do but the way I see it, I will likely run into clients who are vegetarian and wanting advice so if I take the Vegetarian course I will have a better understanding of this, I can follow it up with the WISE Traditions course from Hawthorn which has a specific course on the Myths and Truths about Vegetarian Diets.

I hate decisions like this! I’m kind of confused on what I should do on which courses to take. I did some research though and Hawthorn University worked with Weston A Price Foundation to create the courses at the school. I found this on the Weston A. Price Foundation Website ( I had to check it out, just to make sure) So that’s a good sign! You can find this at the following link towards the bottom of the article, before comments –

All I know is I will never stop learning, I will never stop teaching.. that is a promise!

Please let me know what you think, what do you think I should do? Do you know of courses that exist that are Paleo that I can take that can help me on my journey? Do you think offering help to people who are struggling with paleo or wanting to start paleo and don’t know where to start is a good idea? How much do you think I should charge for these services if I do? If you have ideas or suggestions I’d love to hear them. Help me make a decision!

Thoughts of the weekThese are my thoughts for the week

Good Days– I haven’t had a ‘good day’ in a while. Let me explain to you what a ‘good day’ looks like to me. I get up and as I go about my day, a burst of energy comes my way. It stays, all day even during a gym workout,  long day at work and then continues into the evening. I go home roll into bed, fall asleep and have a great sleep to wake up refreshed and feeling great again the next day…

This ‘good day’ eludes me. I haven’t had it, well since pre-baby.

Lately, I wake up and I feel like I just want to roll back into bed.. AND I feel like that ALL DAY!! But alas I can’t roll back into bed, so I continue through my day and feel the same way the next day and the next.

This is what I have felt like since having my baby.. I love her to bits but having a baby, it just drains you. From being pregnant(draining), to delivery(draining), newborn baby (draining), to chasing around a 1-year-old that is curious and mobile(still draining).

Today (SO FAR) was a ‘good day’. I honestly didn’t think I could have a good day again.. ever!

I got up and felt good, then I went to the gym and I had lots of energy. I got in a good workout and still felt great afterwards and my energy level has been good all day. Unbelievable. Just hope it continues!

More thoughts of the week

Kombucha News – My Kombucha is once again brewing. This time I’m brewing two batches. The first batch I finished is ALMOST gone now and it didn’t last long, so this time, I tripled the amount HAHA 1 batch brewing is 1 gallon, the 2nd batch that’s brewing is around 2 gallons. That’s 3 gallons of Kombucha(yes I can add, yay me)! I am not sure if it’s helping me at all or if it has contributed to my rise in energy but I think it’s still too soon to tell. I’ll give you updates as time goes on.

Working out – I’m making progress at the gym, I’m so proud that my strength and endurance is coming back so quickly. Close to half of the machines I’m using I’m back to the weight I was lifting right before I got pregnant. I’ve actually exceeded the weight on two of them.. not surprising that they are both arm exercises – with all the baby lifting that I do. I’ve only gone to the gym, maybe 10 times total(if that) since the beginning of January. The cardio would probably be better if I spent more time on it but I thought it was more important to get stronger, so I focus more on weights when I go. I still do 20-30 min of cardio, which is fantastic but I haven’t stepped up the level on the cardio AT ALL. If I keep having ‘good days’ then I might be able to step that up as well.

I don’t know if I’ve lost weight, honestly I haven’t checked the scale in a week. The important thing for me is that I feel stronger and my pants feel looser. Sad to say and admit but I’m still wearing maternity pants! I know, I’m actually terribly ashamed about it but they still fit, are comfy and my old jeans(the last time I tried them on) were too tight. I’m a cheap-ass so I just haven’t bought a pair that fit me now, knowing I’m going to lose weight and eventually get back into my jeans again. Within a month or two for sure…

My strength – I would love to get to the point where I can squat or do a push up without falling flat on my face.. A girl can dream can’t she? Speaking of push ups, I saw a great blog post today over at Marks Daily Apple – it’s called Pushups the Perfect primal exercise. It explains why push ups are a great exercise(no duh) and how to progress from doing wall push ups to floor push ups. They also posted a great success story today on Marks Daily Apple that is inspirational! I love reading success stories.

Even more thoughts of the week

Inspiration – Another great inspirational story I found is over at NERD FITNESS – This guy has dropped 128 lbs in 10 months.. You can hear his story and read an update on how he is doing. Very awesome!

Slim is Simple – A couple of days ago I posted a video that I hope you all check out, it’s called Slim is Simple and it explains how to eat healthy. If you think you are eating ‘Healthy’ you may not be AT ALL!! We are doing it WRONG(who knew) and it is costing each one of us our health. So check it out and be amazed!

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My healthy diet plan – Here is my story

I’ve lost weight(60 lbs), I’ve gotten strong but is it really all about calories in calories out? What is my secret?

healthy diet plan

This is me in June 2004

Did my healthy diet plan consist of:

  • Work out like crazy
  • Starve myself
  • Count calories
  • Keep a food journal
  • Eat Low Calorie, low-fat foods
  • Eat high fiber grains

The old 2008 Tiana would say yes to some, if not ALL of these things.

healthy diet plan

This is me in 2010, I’m still the same weight now even after having a baby. I just really like this picture lol

I use to workout 5 times a week at the gym, count my calories, write down everything and see how much food I was eating each day. I would watch my portion sizes and limit my calories to 1200 a day. I followed the Canada’s food guide, making sure I was eating High Fibre, whole grain foods, switched to margarine, cut out the cholesterol, no saturated fats, no salt. I was eating very health, or so I thought!

Problem was, I felt worse, I lost a bit of weight but couldn’t lose anymore, I had no energy even though I was getting stronger but doing all this, it was tough and really I couldn’t sustain dieting like this for long periods of time. It was too hard. It drained me.

This was me in 2008 when I started my journey to lose weight. Little did I know, I had sooo much to learn!

I’m so thankful that I live in a time where I have information at my fingertips. I was able to research and find a way that was better… I started with what was working. I did lose some weight but why did it stop and why did I still feel so awful? It took a lot of research and experimenting to find out what I was doing wrong. Turns out, pretty much everything I was doing, was wrong.

  • I wasn’t eating enough
  • I was exercising too much, causing stress in my body
  • I was eating the wrong foods..

That last one was the hardest to discover and accept. How can it be that spaghetti, naan pesto pizza and quasadilla’s be unhealthy? The whole wheat sandwiches for lunch and the bowl of cereal every morning?

Video that outline my healthy diet plan

I came across this video today Slim is Simple and it explains my healthy diet plan very well and what I was doing wrong.. It highlights all the changes I made a few years back. I haven’t looked back. More and more people are making these changes and discovering how flawed our conventional wisdom is when it comes to our health and losing weight. Our healthy diet plans of today are so far off, it is incredible. Time for us to take our health back into our own hands. Watch the video, be amazed, make the changes and be amazed again!

If you want some ideas on what to eat, this video is great.

The non-profit organization was launched by Jonathan Bailor author of  The smarter science of slim. His organization called Slim is Simple is dedicated to providing the public with information about diet and health through compelling multimedia resources – which are FREE OF CHARGE!

Do a search on Youtube ‘Slim is simple ‘ to see more videos. It really is a great resource!

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KombuchaKombucha brewing – Easier than I thought

I’ve been meaning to post this for a couple of days.. I checked on my Kombucha that was brewing the other day and it seems to be ready. It brewed for 22 days and I got a huge scoby out of it.. so now I have 2. I’m thinking of starting two batches instead of just one. One 1 gallon batch just won’t last very long. I like the thought that I’m actually eating some fermented food now and being kind to my gut, helping it heal. But having to wait 3 weeks just to drink the stuff, it’s very long when you drink a small glass a day. I give it a week and I’ll have none left. So I guess I’ll have to go look for another 1 gallon glass container to use. I have no idea where to find one here in Ottawa, any suggestions?

Store bought/home brew no comparison!

I have to say though this Kombucha I brewed doesn’t even compare to the stuff I bought in the store for $26 a bottle. The stuff in the store was very strong and was awful compared to this stuff. It tastes a million times better when you brew it yourself. It actually kind of tastes a bit like champagne and I’m sure if you double ferment to get some bubbles going, it would be similar, though I haven’t had champagne in years so hard to really compare. :)

In the photo, the jar on the right is what I put in my fridge to drink (some more went into another jar). The jar on the left is both scoby’s sitting around waiting for me to brew another batch. I’ll start brewing again in the next few days.

I’m happy my Kombucha turned out, I was a little worried because the temperature in my house is far from consistent and the batch was downstairs, which can go from very warm to cold in a few hours. (wood furnace).

It will be interesting to see how the next batch tastes as I’ll be using a combination of black tea and green tea. I’m actually not sure what tea I used when I made my first batch since it came with my kit.

Maybe after I get use to brewing this stuff I might start double fermenting to get some fizz in my drink. We will see!

Have you tried making Kombucha before? Share you stories in the comments, success, failures, what have you learned? If you like today’s post, please click share!

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I purchased and watched this video – Fat Head last year.. I thought it was great and shared my purchase with a few family members. The video has since been updated, which is fantastic because as you know, research is continuing in nutrition and new things are being found out everyday. So I’m sure the update to the video was needed. Here is some of the updated video from the movie. If you haven’t watched Fat Head yet, you should. It’s an interesting video and a nice jab at Morgan Spurlock’s movie Supersize me.. Everything in terms of how people gain weight, lose weight is well explained AND the graphics are fairly entertaining as well :)

Glad to see that the producer of Fat Head has changed how he(and his family) are eating. From eating low carb junk food to eating more of a paleo diet!

Have you watched the fathead movie? Let everyone know what you thought of it in the comments and if you like this newest version make sure you share this post with your friends!

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A new year, a new startbest diet to lose weight.jpg

I am one of those folks who eats way too many sweets during the holidays and come January 1st I start on a new path to good health. I can’t say I was REALLY bad but I wasn’t eating as healthy as I could have over the holidays.

In the New Year I am looking forward to feeling better, working out at the gym again and losing some weight. I can’t say I have TONS of weight to lose but I certainly have some pounds to get rid of after having the baby.

I am REALLY looking forward to getting back on track, I feel just awful. While I consume all the garbage food that is in my house(SUGAR) I feel worse and worse everyday. I don’t want the temptation around but I also don’t want to just throw it out. Seems like such a waste, though really it would be much healthier for me if I did.

I know when the time comes, I can’t have sugar around or I will devour it. After about a week or two, sugar is allowed in the house again, I’ll be past the craving stage and I can usually avoid it once I’m past the cravings.

I’m really looking forward to getting back to the gym. Lifting a 25 lb baby everyday, I am starting to feel how incredibly out of shape I’ve gotten in the past year. I miss feeling strong and healthy, having lots of energy and no aches and pains.

I don’t enjoy working out but I miss the feeling when I work out of feeling strong and energized! Right now while I’m sipping the last hot chocolate of 2012.. I don’t feel any of those things. I feel unmotivated, ready for bed at 9am and just sore, my stomach is making awful noises and my whole body just feels inflamed!

I’m looking forward to feeling healthy again.. I miss you healthy me! Please come back soon!

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